My running list of relational vs. consumer culture words

2 September 2008

Part of what I ultimately want to build as an organizer is a relational culture. more than anything else, that’s what’s important to me about organizing — notwithstanding the seductions of consumer culture. Here, largely for my own reference, is my running consumer vs. relational comparison.

Relational / Consumer

Respect / Friendliness

Self-interest / Doing a favor

Negotiation / Request, Ask

Power Over / Power Among

Justice / Charity

Invest, Buy, Own / Give, Donate, Contribute

Strategy / Consensus

Do / Hope, Try, “Do Our Best,” “Make an Effort to”

Commitment / Goal

Accountability / Inclusiveness

Conversation / Interview, Announcement, Command, Reminder, Inform, Make Aware

Invite, Proposition / Publicize

Expectation / Gratitude


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