So go prove her wrong.

13 September 2008

I’m as proud as anyone of my work as an organizer. There is nothing more important than building power — the price of admission to a free society – among those who won’t otherwise have it.

But I think it’s a mistake for us to get defensive about what Sarah Palin said. The fact is that she’s not wrong. There are many community organizations that are sort of bullshitty, that are not deliberate, serious, and disciplined about the need to build power. Public officials like her don’t take organizing seriously because we haven’t made them.

Let’s answer her by all renewing our focus on building sustainable power. The power we build is what will hold her and others like her to account, not how loudly we whine about hurt feelings. No matter what she says, we’ve got actual responsibilities, and responding to her insults isn’t one of them. To work!


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